About Us

Bubble car wash was established in July, 2014 by professionals who have extensive experience in the service domain. We believe in quality service and adhere to industry standards. We have devised a system to assure maximum customer satisfaction. We employ people with expertise and professional attitudes who can follow a proper dress code and a defined code of conduct. Punctuality and sincerity are the hallmarks of our company.


To be the most sought-after brand in quality car wash in Dubai by sheer hard work and commitment.


To take car wash solutions to a completely different level using state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking.

Bubble Car Wash takes the traditional car wash business to a unique, environmentally friendly, customer convenient, mobile car wash and detailing service level.

The Bubble Car Wash business is focused on providing consumers a time saving, value-added service, while providing property developers a unique, incremental opportunity from an otherwise underused asset – the parking areas at major shopping centers , business complexes and residential flats..

What the company stands for :

Technology applied to protect the environment :

Based on a low-pressure sprayer with a special formula made of water, no-foam detergents and wax protecting/soil repellent and the step-by-step cleaning process, Bubble car wash washes a car with less than 5 liters of fresh water and consequently reducing wastewater to a minimum (with no need of pre-treating it since it has no effluent impact).

Total Convenience for our clients :

Thanks to its car wash technology and methodology, ProntoWash can run its business in literally any place. Therefore, ProntoWash has innovated this industry by presenting and delivering car washing services in a convenient way: at parking lots in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Office Parking places and other parking locations, wherever people park their cars when performing other activities.


This is the main reason the company works for: to offer quality services to its customers, everywhere. Quality is the direct result of an exhaustive work in the definition and elaboration of a proper methodology, equipment, training, supervision and control.

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